Welcome to the Corrections Department

Welcome to the Department of Corrections

Belknap County has maintained a county jail located on the grounds of the county complex since the 1860's. The current facility has sections constructed in 1890 that are still in use today. Additional structures have been added on and renovations made to allow the Department of Corrections to provide services as the population of Belknap County has increased over time.

In accordance with state law, the Department of Corrections is responsible to provide for the care, custody and control of sentenced inmates and pretrial detainees. Sentenced inmates have been convicted of a criminal offense with a maximum period of incarceration of 12 months. Any person required to serve more than one year shall serve that sentence with the State Prison. Pretrial defendants court ordered for detention are held in custody pending the outcome of their case.

The Department of Corrections employs dozens of county employees including Corrections Officers, Community Corrections Officers, Nurses, a Program Director and Administrative Assistant. There are also many part time employees used to augment the full time staff which includes CO's, nurses, teachers, a Pretrial Services Coordinator and Programs Case Manager.

The Department of Corrections provides many services along with programming options. Medical care, mental health counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, education programs, job skills, religious services and lifestyle changes are some of the options available to our inmate population. We place a high priority in assisting inmates with their reentry process back to their communities. It is our goal that inmates become healthy, productive members of society once they are released from custody. We rely on scores of volunteers to assist us in providing many of these services as well.