Victim Information

One of the main goals of the Youth Services program is to help repair the harm done to victim. It can also be an opportunity to help facilitate the victim communicating with the offender. This can help both victim and offender.

The rights of a victim:

  • As a victim or witness of a crime, you are entitled to be treated with dignity and compassion and to be free from intimidation. You should be informed about the criminal justice system and have inconveniences associated with participation in that system minimized or eliminated whenever possible.
  • You should be advised of case progress and you should be notified in advance when and if your presence in court is or is not needed. You should be informed about available remedies, financial assistance and social services that are available to you if you are a victim.
  • You will be compensated through witness fees for your time in court. You have the right to prompt return of property taken from you when it is no longer needed as evidence and you should receive restitution whenever possible for losses.
  • Support while in the courtroom is available to you through the Victim/Witness Coordinator and in certain cases a victim may address the sentencing judge before sentence is pronounced.
  • We understand that being a witness to or the victim of a crime can be extremely stressful and frightening.

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